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Exclusive Minimalist 3K Carbon Fiber Wallet with RFID-Blocking Technology. 20-in-1 MultiTool Included. On Sale Now.

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Upgrade Your Wallet with Smart Technology

Style meets function with smart carbon fiber. Secure your valuables in a slim, engineered 3K carbon fiber wallet. Discover the ultimate blend of style and security. See how our Z Wallet works.

So, Why THE Z Wallet?

The Z Wallet Features

Modern Minimalism and RFID Security

Introducing our 3K carbon fiber wallet, where style seamlessly meets functionality. Handcrafted from top-tier carbon fiber, this unique design by Zuboot redefines what a wallet can be. With RFID-blocking technology, your valuable information remains secure, providing peace of mind in today's digital world. Remarkably lightweight, it weighs less than 1 ounce, yet offers ample space for up to 8 cards and cash. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle with our sleek and organized wallet.

3K Carbon Fiber Wallet

Highest-Grade Top-Performance Material: 3K Carbon Fiber

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z wallet

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what customers say about us


Finally, a wallet that matches my tech-savvy lifestyle and protects my cards from hackers.

- Cian F.


I bought this for my husband because his last wallet all his cards in it were magnetized and none would work. Great upgrade and love the design!

- Wayne W.


Absolutely amazing! I am blown away by this wallet the image doesn’t give it any justice. It is so light and the design is unlike anything else.

- Jason M.


The carbon fiber material gives this wallet a futuristic vibe that’s hard to resist.

- Samantha R.

Why Z Wallet?

The Z Wallet stands above other wallets with its exclusive lifetime warranty, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction. Unlike traditional wallets, the Z Wallet keeps all your cards secured and in place, eliminating the risk of slipping out. Developed by the Zuboot team, this groundbreaking original design has completely revolutionized the wallet experience. Its slim and sleek profile not only exudes maximum style but also offers unparalleled comfort for everyday use. Elevate your wallet game with the Z Wallet and enjoy a whole new level of convenience and confidence.

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3K Carbon Fiber Z Wallet

Redefine your everyday carry with this cutting-edge wallet. Crafted from premium 3K carbon fiber, the Z Wallet stands out with its design and RFID-blocking technology. This minimalist masterpiece offers a slim profile with ample space for up to 8 cards and cash. It's so lightweight that you'll hardly notice it's there, yet it adds a touch of elegance to every transaction. Say goodbye to bulky wallets and say hello to the Z Wallet. It's time to upgrade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon fiber is stronger and stiffer than steel, and it is lighter than steel. This makes our men wallets thin and lightweight, offering enhanced safety for your valuables.
RFID skimming are a very particular brand of electronic pickpocketing. When cards are activated by an RFID reader, their chips can transmit information wirelessly. This makes it easy for your information to be stolen, allowing strangers to make a purchase without physically having your card.
Our wallets are made of carbon fiber materials. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel. Both of these materials are designed to prevent skimming and are RFID-blocking. They are super durable, and we’re so confident that we offer a guarantee and warranty on the functioning parts.
Each wallet with a money clip can securely hold up to 20+ bills folded.
Yes, on orders over $49, we offer free USPS shipping within the U.S. Free shipping may also be offered as part of a promotion.
Yes, we also offer expedited shipping with Priority Mail.
When your order is placed before 12 pm EST, it will ship out the same business day. After 12 noon EST, orders will be shipped out the next business day.
Yes! We ship internationally around the world. You will find shipping options available for standard or expedited during the checkout process.
You should be receiving an order confirmation email, a shipping email with your tracking information, and finally, an order completed email. If you have not received any of these emails, first, please check that you have provided your correct email address. Second, if you have, please check your junk/spam folders.
Please call or email our customer service department before you receive a notification that your order has shipped in order to be eligible to change your order.
Yes, all our products are backed by our guarantee that they will be working properly. Our warranty covers all functioning parts from defects. Please see our warranty policy for more information.
Zuboot wallets are built tough and designed with you in mind. The prints are vibrant, there is a wide variety, and Zuboot wallets are also 100% customizable to fit any activity and lifestyle.
Any purchase on our website allows us to give back. We support several different charities, and as customers have special requests, we continue to add more. Most recently, we have partnered with Feeding America to help end hunger in the U.S. and the American Cancer Society to provide resources, research, and assistance to cancer patients and families.

We stand behind our wallets with high confidence that you will be happy with your purchase. Our wallets are made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. If your wallet is not functioning as it should, please contact us or submit a claim. 

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3K Carbon Fiber Wallet

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